QACP Winter 2017/18: News You Can Use


A PreK & QACP alumni parent forwarded the following link and corresponding article (“This is the one skill your child needs for the jobs of the future“) to QA Co-op’s Internal Communications Team and mentioned that it was potentially worth sharing with the membership.  We agreed and decided to feature it this month!

An excerpt from that September 2017 piece originally e-published in “World Economic Forum (WEF)” puts forth the idea that, “Every child begins their journey through life with an incredible potential: a creative mindset that approaches the world with curiosity, with questions, and with a desire to learn about the world and themselves through play.”


The on-line article goes on to address the question, “Where can your kids learn creativity and critical thinking?” and postulates that,  “The answer is simpler than you think…Different forms of play provide children with the opportunity to develop social, emotional, physical and creative skills in addition to cognitive ones.”

Many members of QACP cite a top reason for joining and continuing at a cooperative preschool site with their child is time spent each week on an assigned work day to interact with their child and his/her peers in a play-based environment.


“The natural ability of children to learn through play may be the best-kept, low-cost secret for addressing the skills agenda with potential to equip both our children and our economies to thrive,” is concluded at the end of WEF’s aforementioned article (15 Sep 2017, Schöning¹ & Witcomb²).



Because you are your child’s first teacher, you also…

  • desire to learn about child development first-hand in the classroom and at monthly parent meetings from highly-trained, supportive teachers and parent educators;
  • wish to demonstrate involvement in your child’s life and watch her/him discover the joy of learning in a classroom setting from the very beginning;
  • believe in the spirit of cooperation – for children, caregivers, and families;
  • hope to meet, learn from, and work with other parents of preschool-aged children;
  • enjoy the camaraderie and support of other parents, caregivers, and families;
  • embrace the unique opportunity to develop special relationships with your child’s preschool friends, caregivers, parents, and local neighborhood/community;
  • visualize meeting neighborhood families and making long-lasting friendships;
  • understand that nurturing the development of social skills is of greater importance than measuring academic progress in preparing children for future school success;
  • strive to be involved in the decisions that affect your child’s preschool experience;
  • possess special skills and attributes you would like to share with your child and your preschool community – both in and out of the physical classroom;
  • value hands-on learning for children, caregivers, and their families;
  • support a nurturing, activity-rich environment for your child to safely explore; and
  • realize that you don’t have all the answers to parenting concerns and questions.

Screenshot 2014-11-04 19.03.01


Serving children and their families for generations, QACP is among Seattle’s oldest cooperative preschools.  Parents and teachers work together to enable young minds in exploring the world in a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment.

QA Co-op’s philosophy emphasizes socialization and play-based learning.  Interaction with Parent Educators affiliated with Seattle Central College (SCC) offers parents an opportunity to gain further insights to meet their children’s physical, intellectual and social/emotional needs.

Parents are an integral part of the success of QACP.  Our co-op strives to create a community where both caregivers and children are supported through early childhood and beyond through the connections they have made with other co-op families.

Schedule 2017-2018 and 2018-2019


Below is a breakdown of the most commonly asked questions regarding enrollment:

1.) What do I pay at time of internal or external (open) registration?

You will need to budget for first and last months’ tuition plus and a non-refundable registration fee of $100/child (and $45 per sibling).

2.) What is due in the fall or when registering (if joining mid-year)?

Two  non-refundable auction night tickets at a total cost of $120 per family.  This event is our annual fundraiser and your fee covers a meal, refreshments, and entertainment for one couple (two adults).  Raffles and drawings will also take place that evening along with silent/live auctions.  Your balance of tuition via a monthly or yearly payment schedule will also need to be secured ASAP.

3.) Are there payment plans, discounts, and/or scholarship options available ?

QACP strives to include a financial aid fund in its annual budget and aid or payment plans may be requested at any time during the year.   Please review the on-line Scholarship Form for more information or contact the QA Co-Op Treasurer at with any questions.

4.) What if I am interested in seeing the classroom, facilities, and touring your site?

Set up an appointment by emailing our Admissions Team at to attend one of the upcoming, interactive, and family-friendly guided tours we regularly offer prospective members.

5.) Are there upcoming registration deadlines?  How do I enroll my child for class?

We are excited that you are considering applying for admission to QACP!  Our school year runs mid-September through mid-June, but members also do join mid-year based on teacher discretion.  If you wish to review the class options further, please visit the classes page.  Open registration for the 2018-19 school year runs from February 5th to February 26th, 2018 and may be accessed via our on-line registration e-portal Jovial.

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