About QACP

Serving children and their families for over 50 years, we are among Seattle’s oldest cooperative preschools. Parents and teachers work together to enable young minds explore the world in a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment. Our philosophy emphasizes socialization and play-based learning. Interaction with parent educators offers parents an opportunity to gain further insights to meet their children’s physical, intellectual and social/emotional needs.

Parents are an integral part of the success of QACP. We strive to create a community where both parents and children are supported through early childhood and beyond by the connections they have made with other coop families.

Why Choose a Cooperative Preschool?

Because you are your child’s first teacher, you…

  • want to learn about child development firsthand in the classroom and at monthly parent meetings;
  • want to demonstrate involvement in your child’s life and watch her discover the joy of learning in a classroom setting from the very beginning;
  • understand the spirit of cooperation – for children and families;
  • want to meet, learn from, and work with other parents of preschool-aged children;
  • enjoy the camaraderie and support of other families;
  • look forward to the unique opportunity to develop special relationships with your child’s preschool friends;
  • wish to meet neighborhood families and make friendships that last a lifetime;
  • understand that social skill development is more important than academics to prepare children for future success in school;
  • want to be involved in the decisions that affect your child’s preschool experience;
  • have special skills and attributes you can share with your child and your preschool – both in and out of the classroom;
  • understand the value of hands-on learning for children and their families;
  • want a nurturing, activity-rich environment for your child to safely explore; and
  • realize that you don’t have all the answers to parenting questions.

Ready to Enroll?

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