Job Title: Preschool Teacher
Status: Salaried
Reports to: Board of Directors

Queen Anne Cooperative Preschool has served children and their families for over 80 years, making us one of Seattle’s oldest cooperative preschools. We operate in conjunction with the Seattle Central College Parent Education Department to provide preschool classes for children aged 1-5 years and to further the education of parents and caregivers in principles of early childhood development and education. Our philosophy emphasizes socialization and play-based learning. Parents and teachers work together to enable young minds to explore the world in a safe, stimulating, and nurturing environment.

We are currently seeking a part-time teacher for three to four days a week. Classes will start in September 2018 with the final schedule to be determined. Additional responsibilities include attending and reporting at board meetings, staff meetings, and class meetings, each held once per month.

The right candidate for this position will have strong skills in directing and working with adults and the enthusiasm and energy to lead preschoolers in engaging experiences, both in and out of the classroom. We are looking for someone who loves to bring learning alive for children through art, movement, music and more!


  • Work with lead teacher to develop and implement a developmentally appropriate curriculum for each class group.
  • Manage all aspects of class time: from opening activity to closing activity, including supervising and monitoring children as well as directing teaching assistants (parents and caregivers).
  • Utilizing early childhood guidance techniques, promote a positive, comfortable environment that encourages each child’s self esteem. Provide adequate and equitable guidance and positive discipline for children. Serve as an appropriate role model for teaching assistants.
  • Recognize the individuality of each child and provide an environment where the needs of all class members can be met. Verbally and physically interact with the children in a positive manner.
  • Coordinate with lead teacher for shared materials and spaces.
  • Work in partnership with parents and caregivers in children’s educational experience. Train parents and caregivers in activities/duties and provide feedback for effectively working with children in the classroom.
  • Work cooperatively with the Parent Educator. Communicate regularly to assess the experiences of each class group and to implement a plan for addressing any issues affecting children or parents at school.
  • Attend one monthly Board meeting and provide a brief curriculum update. Attend one monthly parent meeting for each class group and provide a report including: upcoming curriculum, activity information, and a brief training on some aspect of teaching assistant’s job.
  • Attend monthly teacher meetings as scheduled.


  • Knowledge of early childhood development.
  • Experience with recognizing areas of developmental concerns.
  • Ability to implement age-appropriate classroom management practices.
  • Understand and use various ECE assessment techniques to guide curriculum planning.
  • Excellent communication skills with both children and adults.
  • Energetic, enthusiastic, and warm personality.
  • Ability to identify and address issues with individual children or parents.
  • Leadership and organizational skills.
  • Ability to train and direct teaching assistants.


  • BA or AA in Early Childhood Education or related field strongly preferred.
  • CPR and first aid certification required.
  • Previous experience (as a teacher or parent) in a cooperative preschool environment preferred.
  • Previous experience supervising others in a work environment preferred.


  • Demonstrate a desire to be an active partner in an inclusive, dynamic community of families.
  • Annually develop a personal professional development plan to advance knowledge in Early Childhood Education, including participation in ongoing training/education programs designed for early childhood educators.
  • Membership in National Association for the Education of Young Children or similar professional organization.

To apply please send a resume, teaching philosophy statement, two professional references (name/email/phone), and a sample week-long Pre-K lesson plan to QACP.ViceChair@gmail.com.