The Board

Parents are an integral part of the successful functioning of our school. Along with working with their children in class once a week, parents take on varied responsibilities, including serving on our governing board.

Chairs: Cassidy Emami and Michelle Dearth;

Vice Chair: Shenalyn Castoldi ;

Secretary: Kristin Daniel;

Treasurer: Elise Varchetta;

Admissions Chair: ;

Fundraising Chair: Tanya Cooke;

Tots I Class Coordinator: Annette Hedden;

Tots II Class Coordinator: ;

Twos Class Coordinator: Susie Fritzky;

Threes Class Coordinator: Rachel Sanchez;

Pre-K Class Coordinator: Emily Roush;

MAC Coordinator: Haley Brink;

PAC Representative: Ashley Epstein;

Communication and Marketing Chair: Cindy Weaver;