“Yoga Muddle,” by QACP Alumna Nidhi Kirpal Jayadevan

It felt rather unsettling that yogic meditation should make me so antsy!  In the past, that’s what kept me centered. Instead of relaxing in the deep-throated lilt of my ujjai breath, my mind was running in circles – my childcare is finite, and is quickly slipping away, and I have to do….the list seemed endless!  Guess, 2Continue reading ““Yoga Muddle,” by QACP Alumna Nidhi Kirpal Jayadevan”

QACP Parent Review of, “Kids In The Kitchen: How To Have Fun & Stay Safe”

“Kids In The Kitchen: How To Have Fun And Stay Safe” by Alex Robbins of Safety Today was reviewed by a QACP member parent during Fall 2017.  QA Co-op’s Internal Communications Team wanted to share what she had to say…”this is an incredibly useful article to put in perspective all the *help* your kiddo mayContinue reading “QACP Parent Review of, “Kids In The Kitchen: How To Have Fun & Stay Safe””

Up-to-Date QACP Inclement Weather Policies & Safety Info

  Was anyone else as surprised as we were to see snow falling in early November? To find out if QACP is closed due to inclement weather, follow the news announcements for Seattle Public School District’s schedule. Your class coordinator will also send updates via email and QACP’s Internal Communications Team will post on QAContinue reading “Up-to-Date QACP Inclement Weather Policies & Safety Info”

“Parent Involvement in Education” by QACP Parent Educator, Jamie Cho, PhD

Research studies have repeatedly shown the importance of parent involvement in a child’s education. These studies show that parents’ involvement in their child’s education results in better academic performance, student confidence and motivation (Hoover- Dempsey & Sandlar, 1997). Parental involvement can be defined as the allocation of resources for a child (Grolnick & Slowiaczek, 1994).Continue reading ““Parent Involvement in Education” by QACP Parent Educator, Jamie Cho, PhD”

“Intro to History of Parent Ed & Co-op Programs in WA State” by Pam Mcelmeel (2007)

In The Beginning:    A New Folk Movement in the United States Katharine Whiteside Taylor was a pioneer and nationally known consultant for the parent education cooperative movement in the United States.  Ms. Taylor was contracted by the Seattle Public Schools in 1941 to develop parent cooperative playgroups in Washington State.   Following are quotes about theContinue reading ““Intro to History of Parent Ed & Co-op Programs in WA State” by Pam Mcelmeel (2007)”

“Screen Time and Our Children” by QACP Parent Educator Jamie Cho, PhD

How much screen time and what types of media are appropriate for our children?  In general less television and media is better for young children, and when media is used it should be high quality programming.  Also, commercials and prime time television programming should be avoided since it includes commercialized, violent and/or sexualized imaging (Steyer,Continue reading ““Screen Time and Our Children” by QACP Parent Educator Jamie Cho, PhD”

Kiddo Podcasts: Intel from a QACP 3s Class Mom

  Hi Fellow QACP Families, I wanted to share a quick blurb about the various *new-ish* podcasts we’ve been listening to at our house! During the lull of summer, while desperately trying to find things to keep my child/children entertained, I stumbled across this blog post from “Dirt and Boogers” (click on link to readContinue reading “Kiddo Podcasts: Intel from a QACP 3s Class Mom”

Welcome Back, QACP: Letters from our 2017/18 Teachers & Co-Chairs

Dear QACP Families, Welcome to the start of our 2017-2018 preschool year.  I’m looking forward to meeting all of the new parents and children and to re-connecting with returning families.  This year will be bittersweet for me as it will be my 32nd and last year sharing in the lives of so many amazing preschoolers. Continue reading “Welcome Back, QACP: Letters from our 2017/18 Teachers & Co-Chairs”

Hello, QACP…introducing Parent Educator Jamie Cho!

Dear Queen Anne Coop Families, I am pleased to be joining the Queen Anne community and am very much looking forward to working with the cooperative families and educators. This will be my first year with Seattle Central College as a Parent Educator and I will be working with the morning classes (three-year-olds) and afternoonContinue reading “Hello, QACP…introducing Parent Educator Jamie Cho!”

Summer 2017 Wrap-Up: QACP News & Updates

*Expertise’s 20 Best Preschools* QACP Made Seattle’s List for 2017! “Queen Anne Cooperative Preschool (QACP) is a child learning center in Seattle that has been providing physical, mental, social, and emotional development to young children for over 30 years. The school primarily conducts classes for students ranging from little tots to pre-kindergarten and offers additionalContinue reading “Summer 2017 Wrap-Up: QACP News & Updates”