Member Spotlight: Jamie Djelosevic

Why did our family join co-op? I wanted to be involved in the class on a weekly basis and it seemed like co-op would provide a smoother transition into school for my son and myself (which it has!) QACP was a cost-friendly option in a wonderful neighborhood, plus I wanted my family to meet otherContinue reading “Member Spotlight: Jamie Djelosevic”

Friends and Making Amends by Pam McElmeel

What can a parent do to help a child develop the skills needed to become the sort of person others will want to have as a friend? Isn’t it a natural progression of the maturation process for children to just pick up the behaviors that attract and maintain friendships? Much of the research focusing onContinue reading “Friends and Making Amends by Pam McElmeel”

Emergency Information and Community Disaster Skills

As a mother of an almost three-year-old son and an active member of the Puget Sound community, I am forever finding myself in need of notifications about what is going on in my region. With autumn now upon us and winter only a few months in the future, having the ability to access the maximumContinue reading “Emergency Information and Community Disaster Skills”

Vehicle Travel Preparedness for Parents

As the summer travel season draws to a close in much of the United States, many parents cannot help but reflect on their various vacation attempts and accomplishments over the past few months.  Fortunately for Seattleites, King County’s departments, agencies and offices ( have also worked to provide easily implementable solutions to lessen citizen concernsContinue reading “Vehicle Travel Preparedness for Parents”

Creating a “Comfort Kit” for Emergencies

As our kids get older, they spend more and more time at Queen Anne Cooperative Preschool (QACP) without their parent or caregiver. This growth is great for kids and parents alike. In the event of an unxpected emergency, however, this could result in your child experiencing a temporary separation from mom and/or dad during aContinue reading “Creating a “Comfort Kit” for Emergencies”

Kids & K-9s: Interpreting an Animal’s Body Language

Queen Anne is a popular neighborhood in Seattle for dog owners and many QACP families count a pet as at least one of their family members.  Co-op parent and certified professional dog trainer/behavior consultant, Lisa McCluskey, offers the following tips on canine body language to help parents feel confident in addressing this important safety topicContinue reading “Kids & K-9s: Interpreting an Animal’s Body Language”

Tips for long haul flights with a toddler

Community Member Alina Metjie of the 2’s class wrote this post for us earlier this year to share her experience: I recently traveled alone with my 3-year-old son from Seattle to South Africa and Namibia via Europe, which included eight flights, four of which were long haul flights. I thought some parents might benefit fromContinue reading “Tips for long haul flights with a toddler”

Queen Anne Cooperative Preschool is a Great Community for Parents and Children. This is our blog.

When I was in high school, I volunteered at the local hospital as a candy striper. This gave me a lot of varied experiences, and I loved to tell stories about my time there. One day I was hanging out with my mom and grandma and describing an afternoon when I’d gotten lost delivering somethingContinue reading “Queen Anne Cooperative Preschool is a Great Community for Parents and Children. This is our blog.”