Pre-kindergartners can attend QACP four days per week in a dedicated Pre-K class, or attend five days per week by also joining the 3s-5s class on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Age: must be 4 years old by August 31st

Teacher: Nanci Murphy

Parent Educator: Audrey Schultz

Daily routine: Circle, Sharing, Lunch, Activity Centers (free play), Music, Large Motor, Story

Children are capable of participating in discussions and decision-making. They are often able to deal with peer confrontations without adult intervention. Their creative play has reached new levels, they are interested in projects that span longer periods of time, and they like sharing new knowledge and skills. Although social development is still our primary goal, there is time spent on more focused pre-academic skill development through patterning, graphing, oral dictation, and group work on letter and sound recognition. As in each preceding class, the art, activity and music levels continue to increase as the children’s interests and abilities develop.

Parent education topics include:

  • Age appropriate guidance and discipline,
  • Age appropriate expectation and developmental milestones,
  • Kindergarten readiness,
  • Parent self-care (Being ready to send them off to school),
  • Cultural awareness,
  • Community resources and involvement

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