Age: must be 3 years old by August 31st

In the Threes/Fives class, your child attends school three times a week, but caregivers are only required to attend once per week.

When combined with our Pre-K class, this becomes a five-day offering.

Teacher: Tamara Convertino

Parent Educator: Audrey Schultz

Daily Routine:  Opening, Activity Centers (free play), Music, Sharing, Hand Wash/Snack, Large Motor, Closing

A little more “worldly-wise”, with greater vocabulary and sense of self, this class offers fun ways for children to work together in groups through collaborative activities (building, imaginative play, etc.). With a two out of the three days drop-off, it’s an opportunity for children to learn to be even more independent and rely on trusted adults for assistance. Longer circle time, greater emphasis on story-telling, conversations, and following instructions are emphasized. Pre-academic skills, such as counting, spelling, using scissors, among others, are introduced.

Parent education topics include:

  • Age appropriate guidance and discipline,
  • Age appropriate expectation and developmental milestones,
  • Sexuality development,
  • Creativity and imagination,
  • Pre-academic readiness,
  • Preparing for school registration,
  • Developing friendships