Tots I / Tots II

Age: must be 1 year old by August 31st

In Tots classes, you and your child come to every class session together.

Teacher: Kristine Gilmore

Parent Educator: Audrey Schultz

Daily routine: Activity Centers (free play), Music, Large Motor, Closing

Caregivers and their little ones interact, play, and sing songs, while learning simple socialization skills  like sharing, taking turns, and experiencing sitting together for circle time. A happy time! A playdate of sorts. The class is set up with varied “work stations” that range from painting, play dough, a sensory table, and blocks, among others, to make learning and exploration as tactile as possible for this age group of children.

Parent education topics include

  • Parent self-care (Taking care of yourself),
  • Age appropriate guidance and discipline,
  • Age appropriate expectation and developmental milestones,
  • Strengthening your family/creating a vision for your family,
  • Food, Nutrition and Eating Habits,
  • Toddler proofing your home/ Keeping toddlers safe,
  • Speech and language development

Note that you may enroll in one, or both, Tots class offerings.