Age: must be 2 years old by August 31st

2016-2017 Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday 10am-12pm

Teacher: Linda Capps

Parent Educator: Kate Calhoun

Daily routine: Activity Centers (free play), Music, Hand Wash/Snack, Large Motor, Closing

A time of great cognitive, emotional and social development. Terrible twos can be both a rewarding and a challenging time for children and their caregivers. It’s a time when children process more than they can express. A time of self-recognition, embarrassment, and pride, amongst a myriad of other emotions! As children continue to explore, express and discover, their caregivers have an opportunity to learn and understand with them. Skills such as ways to communicate effectively with their toddlers, ensuring meaningful dialogue, understanding and calm can be learned. Open play, snack and an extended circle time, offer fun opportunities for continued socialization and play-based learning.

Held twice a week for 2 hours each day, the caregivers drop off their children one day. By so doing, children gradually gain the confidence to spend more time at the preschool on their own, thereby gaining the skills to transition to kindergarten.

Parent education topics include

  • Age appropriate guidance and discipline,
  • Age appropriate expectation and developmental milestones,
  • Temperament,
  • Personal safety,
  • Sibling relationship,
  • Reading to your child/children’s literature