COVID-19 Plans

2021-2022 School Year

QACP is planning to reopen in person for Fall of 2021. We will likely be adding/adjusting to our plans as our community case counts change and we receive updated guidance from our parent organizations. But for now, please know that we’ll have the following rules and procedures in place for our in-person instruction, starting Sept. 9th

  • Covid-19 Vaccination: All adults who will be present in our classroom, including teachers and working caregivers, will be required to submit proof of vaccination to their class coordinator prior to working.. 
  • Masks: All adults and students aged 2+ will be expected to wear a CDC recommended mask (masks should completely cover nose and mouth and fit snuggly).
  • Health questionnaire: Before each class, working caregivers and students will complete a COVID screening and temperature check.
  • Handwashing: All students and working adults will wash their hands before entering the classroom. 
  • Classroom Safety: During the class day, we will have windows in the classroom open and will run our HEPA-grade medical air filter. We’ll also have a rigorous cleaning procedure in place, before, during, and after each class and throughout the week.

If you have any specific questions, please direct them to our Health and Safety Coordinator at