How to Prep Your Items for Sale

Have questions about how to label, price, or package your items for sale in QACP’s 2016 Children’s Toy and Clothing Sale? Please see below for detailed instructions and example photographs.


Tag each of your items by placing masking or painter’s tape on the item (printer labels fall off of clothing) and writing your assigned seller code and the sale price on the tag. The color marker or pen that you use is important and will indicate whether you wish for your item to be included in the half-off sale during the final hour:
— Blue/black ink — OK to sell at a discount during the final hour of the sale
— Red ink — Do NOT sell at a discount during the final hour — this item is excluded from the half-off sale.
Include any helpful additional details on the tag, particularly clothing sizes.
Labeling File_000Labeledtoy
File_000 File_000

Pricing of your items is at your discretion. QACP does ask that, whenever possible, prices be in whole dollar amounts (e.g., $3, not $2.99) in order to make it easier for us to make change and facilitate a quick check-out. Designer and high-end kid’s wear will be displayed separately. Please price reasonably based on the quality and condition of your items. If you need further guidance for pricing, here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Tops or Pants: $1.00 – $5.00
  • Dresses: $2.00 – $12.00
  • Sleepwear: $1.00 – $5.00
  • Shoes/boots: $1.00 –$10.00/pair
  • Coats: $5.00 – $20.00

Please place all high-end kid’s wear and Halloween costumes on a hanger; hangers may not be returned. High-end clothing will be hung on a designated clothing rack. Clothing sets should be safety pinned together.
Items or toys with multiple pieces or parts should be packaged together in a ziplock bag and taped closed. If a puzzle is too large to ziplock, please wrap it in saran wrap to keep the pieces together.
File_000 BagtapesetsPuzzle File_000