Age: under 12 months on August 31st. (Note that the child may not attend prior to turning three months.) In Infants classes, the baby and caregiver always attend together.

Teacher: Monica Harris

Parent Educator: Audrey Schultz

The Infant classes at Queen Anne Cooperative Preschool are designed as a supportive, fun, and dynamic learning environment to encourage and enhance this special time for both you and your baby.

What you can expect for you and your baby

Children come to class with a parent, grandparent, or other caregiver weekly to engage in a fun, interactive experience. Our teacher facilitates the children’s development and learning community by offering:

  • Age appropriate classroom, toys and activities.
  • Circle time with brain-building songs, movement and activities.
  • Small and large motor development activities.

What you can expect for yourself

Parents and other caregivers come to our classes to learn more about child development, explore their own goals for their family, deepen the caregiver/child bond and strengthen communication and parenting skills, and build a network by developing relationships with other caregivers.

Parent Education and Resources

Our Parent education instructors provide curriculum and discussion incorporating current research with the personal concerns and the diverse experiences of our community of caregivers. Over the course of the school year you can expect topics such as Early Child Development, Nutrition, Sleep Challenges, Temperament, Guidance, Adjusting to Parenthood, and more.

Community Building

Meet other parents and caregivers with children going through similar milestones, joys and challenges. One of the many benefits adults experience while participating in co-op are the long-term family friendships that often develop.


Infants under 1 year of age as of August 31 may enroll in the infant class; including those born after August 31 of the current academic year.