Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a coop preschool?
Preschools are often drop-off programs just for the children. At QACP, we involve the whole family. Parents get to know each other and we often meet to talk about challenges in parenting. Kids often meet outside school at playdates and field trips. Long-lasting friendships are built within the neighborhood.

For whom is this school?
We want to be a choice for every parent and caregiver. Although we are located in central Queen Anne, we often welcome families from surrounding areas. Please inquire if you need a stipend for financial assistance.

Is my child ready for preschool?
We have classes for different ages and accommodate all stages of development, including, for example, changing tables for children who are not potty trained yet. Preschool is often the first time children socialize with same-aged peers. Some need extra time to approach other children and caregivers, particularly after the 2019/2020 pandemic has isolated many of us. We help you be part of this exciting journey and give children all the time and space they need to find each other at their own pace.

Am I (as a caregiver) ready for preschool?
Preschool is often your first connection with a school as well! To help parents and other caregivers, every class has a class coordinator and professional teacher who provides a curriculum for the children. We also cooperate with Seattle Central College to provide parent education. Caregivers of a class meet regularly – sometimes in person and sometimes virtually – and talk about what went well and where we can improve.

What does school involvement look like?
Parents will always be in the classroom for the youngest classes (Infants and Toddlers). For the older kids, we take turns and each parent does one classroom day per week. Involvement with the school usually starts small, for example, by helping out in the classroom or planning field trips. Parents who stay for many years and have multiple children in the school will often expand their involvement and take over functions for the school board. You don’t need any qualifications to help! See Parent Involvement and check out our handbook to find out about the many ways you can be part of the school.

How strict are classroom days? What if I have other obligations?
Parenting is messy! Sometimes your child needs extra care and you would like to be with them in the class every day. Sometimes you cannot make it and swap your classroom days with other parents. Sometimes, for example if your family is welcoming another child, you may need to step out of the classroom completely and let other parents take over. We are always flexible as a community to accommodate individual needs and cover for each other.

What about siblings while I’m in the classroom?
We have a MAC (Multi-age classroom), which acts like our own childcare to let siblings of all ages play. You can drop of siblings to be there for your child in the classroom. The MAC room is usually staffed with one QACP parent and one teacher.

How did you handle the pandemic?
We followed Seattle Public School guidance. When schools were in lockdown, we did virtual classes. Later we returned with masks and social distancing. The pandemic was a challenging time, particularly for parents, so we stood together and helped each other, for example, by organizing park playdates and exchanging books and learning materials.

Can you accomodate for children with disabilities?
Yes! We work together with you to help accomodate any individual needs. This may mean sending more caregivers into the classroom or providing individual activities to make your child feel welcome and included.

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