Queen Anne Cooperative Preschool (QACP) offers a tuition assistance program. Any family that feels they need a reduced tuition for their child to attend QACP is urged to apply. Each year, QACP sets aside a fixed budget for tuition assistance.

There are two ways QACP awards tuition assistance: financial aid and scholarships. Financial aid is awarded first to eligible families who meet pre-defined income guidelines (see our co-op’s handbook). These are based on the Department of Health and Human Services guidelines, which also form the basis of the National School Lunch Program income eligibility guidelines.

If funds remain, scholarships may be awarded to families whose income exceeds the limit for financial aid, but who have expressed a financial hardship. All award decisions are confidential and are made and approved by the Board of Directors. To apply, complete the Scholarship Application and submit to the QACP Treasurer by the applicable date listed in the “Important Dates Calendar.”

Applications received after these dates will be reviewed on a first come, first serve basis if funds remain. The Treasurer will review and present the application confidentially to the Scholarship Committee, which consists of the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and one Board Chair.

Internal applicants will be notified of their tuition assistance decision prior to the registration lottery. External and late registering families will be notified after class lists have been prepared. Families submitting applications after the deadline will be notified after the next scheduled Scholarship Committee meeting.

With respect to QACP’s refund policy: (1) for internal families registering in March, internal scholarships will be processed the same night as registration lottery, and (2) you will be contacted before checks are deposited as they will be returned to you before official class list is set, or (3) for external/late registering families, registration and other fees will be refunded if you did not receive 75% of the scholarship listed under the income guidelines.

If you have any questions, please contact the Treasurer at treasurer@queenannecoop.org

*QACP reserves the right to modify the financial aid policy and the amount of financial aid provided at any time.



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