“Letters From QACP Teachers: Linda Capps & Amy Wathey (May/June 2017)”


Dear Parents:

Each year when May rolls around and we prepare for the spring pageant I am shocked that the year has disappeared so quickly.  I have had such wonderful classes this year, both children and parents, and I’m looking forward to so many of you sharing your children with me again next year.

As my Pre-K class moves on to kindergarten I wish each child a happy and exciting new school experience.  For all of you parents, as you watch your little person become one of the “big kids” I wish you peace as you let go and comfort in knowing you have been amazing parents and your child is so ready for this new adventure.

Have a wonderful summer!

Teacher Linda



Growth in Imagination:

Just looking at the cubbie pictures of the children from the first weeks of school, shows how much they have grown.  My hope is that all of us have grown as well.  There have been leaps and bounds of growth in friendships, independence, group skills, creativity and more.

One area of the room that has been a delight to explore and enrich for the children this year has been the dramatic play area.  In the fall we purchased some new furniture for the house and the grocery store. The children truly enjoy the new strollers, high chairs and cribs for the baby dolls.  The grocery store has been used constantly and remains a favorite for all the classes.

For a change of pace the dramatic play area has transformed into various situations. We’ve had a tree house, haunted house, doctor’s office, post office, an ocean, a longhouse and a rainforest.  Each situation has sparked imagination.

May this summer bring new opportunities to explore and expand dramatic play with your little ones.  When using your imagination, the options are limitless.

May you all continue to grow and learn!

Teacher Amy


Biographies for both Teacher Linda and Teacher Amy may be found on QACP’s website at: https://queenannecoop.org/about-2/teachers/


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