Summer 2017 Wrap-Up: QACP News & Updates

*Expertise’s 20 Best Preschools*

QACP Made Seattle’s List for 2017!QACP_ExpertiseAward

“Queen Anne Cooperative Preschool (QACP) is a child learning center in Seattle that has been providing physical, mental, social, and emotional development to young children for over 30 years. The school primarily conducts classes for students ranging from little tots to pre-kindergarten and offers additional curriculum enhancements such as yoga, creative dance, music, and traditional tea ceremony. Parents commend Queen Anne Cooperative Preschool (QACP) for its competent teachers and community-oriented environment.”



*Positive Parenting and Tantrums* 

Summary edited by a QACP Parent Educator

Earlier this year a QACP parent attended a “Positive Parenting” class to help understand how to manage kids and their big emotions. The class was three hours long and talked about how kids’ brains are still developing in toddler’s stage and that their emotions are triggered by their lower brain.

A few things that could help families with toddler tantrums:

Do not try to put a stop to the tantrum with threats

Do not try to rationalize the tantrum away

Understand the workings of the brain under the influence of emotions

Remain calms as best you can

Say very little

Watch for signs of that the emotional storm is winding down


*Congrats, Pam Mcelmeel*

QACP’s Long-time Parent Educator Retires!

Pam J. Mcelmeel, M.Ed. has enjoyed working as one of the SCCC parent educators assigned to QACP since 1987. Before joining the SCCC Parent Education Program staff Pam was simultaneously completing her Master in Education at the University of Washington and parenting two preschoolers.

Pam Mcelmeel Picture

Previously, as a young high school biology teacher, Pam realized that the foundations for school success were set in place long before the students reached her classroom. After moving to Washington from Illinois in 1977 with her husband she sought out a masters program that focused on school success.

Pam’s experience as a new parent in the NSCC Parent Education Program really brought the UW Masters Program theories into practice. The parent education/cooperative preschool model combined early childhood development information and research-based child-management techniques. This combination creates a community for families interested in opportunities for the parents to practice and share what they learned as well as get guidance from professionals.


All of Pam’s post-graduate work has been in the fields of early childhood and adult education to stay current with research in both of these fields. Through the years Pam has seen many QA families benefit from the support and education they find at QACP. By helping parents strengthen their parenting techniques and confidence, Pam indirectly plays a role in guiding children toward school success. More importantly, QACP parents increase the skills needed to launch compassionate and competent citizens.


Pam’s final year at co-op was 2016-17 and the QACP Board threw her a farewell party during August 2017.  Fun was had by all and many members plan to remain in close touch with her.  Congratulations to Pam from all of us in the Queen Anne community!

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