Kiddo Podcasts: Intel from a QACP 3s Class Mom


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Hi Fellow QACP Families,

I wanted to share a quick blurb about the various *new-ish* podcasts we’ve been listening to at our house!

During the lull of summer, while desperately trying to find things to keep my child/children entertained, I stumbled across this blog post from “Dirt and Boogers” (click on link to read the article).

The author’s children are a bit older than my 3-year-old preschooler and 3-month-old infant but, since I love to listen to my own set of podcasts, I thought these might be fun for Oliver (currently in QACP’s 3s Class) to try.

We downloaded a few of the items from “Stories Podcast” and they were an instant hit. The Three Little Pigs story is one of Ollie’s favorites.  After that we tried “Wow in the World’s” episode on flatworms and he was delighted to learn that they eat and poop through the same tube.

Gross but informative, right?  My son begged to listen to the same episode over and over until he had absorbed all the new information, giggling hysterically every time the host explained just how the Planarian Flatworm did its business.

The best thing about these podcasts is that they have become a substitute for our screen time, replacing the endless requests for “Paw Patrol” and PBS Kids programming.  If you have a smart phone, one can easily download them there and even play podcasts through any blue-tooth speaker.

I’m looking forward to trying some of the other podcasts out there and introducing my children to more science, history, and literature told in kid-friendly terms that even I enjoy listening to.


Emily Keller, QACP 3s Class Mom

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