2020/2021 School Year Underway

The new School year has started! Thanks to all involved parents, teachers, board members, and of course our brave children who have to adapt to a situation of social distancing, we were able to launch the 2020/2021 QACP school year in difficult times. Most of our classes are virtual for now with our teachers Tamara, Kris, Monica and Nanci providing an exciting curriculum and personal get-together time. In addition our parent educators Jamie and Kristina are helping with much-needed support for the mental well-being of parents and caregivers.

We recently hosted our first outdoor playtime on the lawn in front of the school. Big shoutout to our teachers for organizing and making this a safe event with proper sanitization and social distancing in place. Our kids enjoyed seeing each other, baking cakes and decorating pumpkins for Halloween.

Note to parents: Although we started the school year, you are still welcome to join our classes, or just drop in for a try-out. Head to the classes page to learn about our different classes for children from infants to fives.

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