Prospective Members

QACP requires a cooperative effort. Parents are involved in their child’s eduction both inside and outside the classroom.

In class: Every member must work one day a week in the classroom on his or her scheduled workday. In the 2s, 3s, and PreK classes, if the member is unable to attend, they must arrange a substitute (partner, nanny, grandparent, other cooperative parent). Additionally, each parent is responsible for providing snack on a rotating basis.

Outside of class: At least one parent from each family must attend a monthly parent meeting (Aug-May), to discuss class business with the preschool teacher and their class members and to meet with the parent educator.

At the end of the school year, all coop members are expected to pitch in to give the classroom a thorough cleaning and then meet at a local park for the end of the year picnic.

Each member is required to sign up for a school job to support the school’s operational needs. Jobs include admissions, scheduling, fundraising, class coordination and more. Expect to devote around 20 hours over the course of the school year to your coop job.

Ensuring our school’s financial stability is a crucial part of our job as QACP members. But don’t worry; at the Queen Anne Cooperative Preschool we put the “fun” in fundraising with our annual silent and live auction. Each year the auction night is one of the highlights of our experience at QACP. It is a chance to socialize with friends, bid on exciting items, and support our beloved school.

Benefits of Coop:

As the parent of a child enrolled at QACP, you will

  • have access to parent educators in class and by email
  • participate in your child’s early education alongside other parents, teachers and parent educators
  • form a community that will support both you and your child through early childhood and beyond